K E L L Y  J E N K I N S


HOME Series 2015

Kelly Jenkins combines the drawn, the painted, and the crafted to create vibrant works of art. Her work draws on inspiration from her memories of coastal scenes, people and places that inspire her. The process of multi-layered mediums are key to her work; with the combination of embroidery, acrylics and oils, and choosing to paint with anything but a brush, Kelly continually seeks to challenge notions of painting. The energy and atmosphere she achieves through her vigorous and anarchic painting style, combined with her use of textural stitching, gives her work a tangible and lasting appeal.

COAST Series 2015

Paint With Thread Series
2013-14 series

An abrupt moment in time, of energy and the accidental are captured in a frustrated and defacing brush mark of paint. However, get closer and you will see this was not executed out of impulse and certainly no accident, in fact not even paint. The carefully planned, labour intensive act of delicately stitched threads, cunningly mimic yet contradict the very nature of the subject matter creating juxtaposition between the accidental and intentional, the impulsive and the premeditated. Paint With Thread  celebrates the creative progress found through error, those happy accidents which lead to new ideas and new ways of thinking. It captures that moment of self doubt just before the realisation of new idea and direction comes to light. Mistakes; They don’t define you, They refine you.

Expressed through a dark and slightly anarchic sense of humour this body of work also touches upon the fashionability and status of textile art. Taking inspiration from old masterpieces and defacing them with thread, Kelly creates a new and modern take on textile art. Skilfully manipulating its  delicate stereotype; striping away its passive femininity, she turns the act of embroidery into something more powerful and sometimes destructive.

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